Trio Draco Region

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Descrizione – Description

NGC 5981 (left), NGC 5982 (centre), and NGC 5985 (right) form a close trio of galaxies in the constellation of Draco.

Image in collaboration with Leonardo Orazi, who takes the photos from Pragelato – Turin – (Italy). This is a broadband LRGB image taken with personal instruments in the last 4 years, and processed by me with standard tecniques and softwares.

All the acquisition data are taken with Voyager Astrophotography Automation software.
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Technical data
TelescopeRC10" GSO
Focal lenght2000mm f/8
CameraQSI-640WSG + AOLF StarlightXpress
IntegrationL:R:G:B => (67*600):(22*600):(21*600):(19*600)
CoordinatesRA +59° 21’ 21" - DEC 15h 38’ 40"
Field size34′x34′ - 0.75"/pix
Shooting dateMay 2016 / May 2019

Sky map

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